Loughman Oaks Elementary

About Us

Where every child is empowered to succeed!

Mission Statement

Loughman Oaks Elementary is committed to educating all children while providing a safe and nurturing environment that empowers them to develop a passion for lifelong learning, respect for self and others, and an appreciation for individual differences. The staff at Loughman Oaks Elementary believes that:

  • All children deserve the opportunity to be empowered to think, dream, believe, and achieve.
  • The school, home, and community must share responsibility for the needs and development of children.
  •  Differences in learning styles exist, therefore: students have the right to learn in a way that brings them personal success.

Vision – The vision of Loughman Oaks is to be a high achieving community school for all learners and stakeholders through collaboration, community outreach, commitment and strong leadership.

Registration – Follow the link for online registration process. Disclaimer: If spoken/understood language is not English (Espanol, Creole, or Portugese) please come to the front office for registration package.

Kindergarten Registration

About Loughman Oaks Elementary:

Loughman Oaks Elementary is a Title 1 School that serves Pre-K through 5th Grade. We strive to empower and take charge of the education of all students at Loughman Oaks. We strive to give them the tools necessary to be successful in school and in life.

Activities at Loughman Oaks Elementary:

Learning at LOE: Social Studies  Research  P.E. Media Center

Teacher  of the Year: Melissa Gamache

School Related Personnel of the Year: Shannon DeGraaf